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SplitSeasonTickets helps with your

Season Ticket Sales & Renewal Strategy

New Season Ticket Sales

We provide a platform where your fans and sales reps can interact to create groups to purchase new full and partial season tickets.

Social Selling

Sales representatives and potential partners can easily communicate with each other using familiar social media tools. Work together to get all the games claimed!

New Sales

The SplitSeasonTickets platform creates a way for customers to purchase the tickets they want. Sales representatives get new tools and a new channel for sales growth.

Draft Order Algorithm

With our Draft Order Algorithm, we have solved the problem of fairly dividing games given any combination of partners and their claimed games. Actual games are determined using our Online Draft Tool.

Season Ticket Renewal

Help your best customers keep their seats by providing them the SplitSeasonTickets set of tools.


Season Ticket Holders want to hold onto their seats -- they truly are your best customers. Giving them a way to find partners means they'll renew now and next season.

Added Benefit

SplitSeasonTickets comes with powerful tools to manage tickets and partners and hold online drafts. We have found that most teams report that at least 70% of their accounts share with partners. These tools make it easier.

Sales Tool

If your reps have ever heard, "I have lost a partner and can't renew", or "I cannot afford these seats any more", then SplitSeasonTickets can provide a legitimate response and solution. Prospective season ticket holders can be influenced knowing that this service is available.

Trusted Platform

We have helped thousands of season ticket holders find partners and manage their tickets and partners. Add SplitSeasonTickets to your Sales & Renewal Strategy!


Sharing season tickets is happening with or without your participation. With SplitSeasonTickets your customers and your sales representatives get valuable tools and your organization gets actionable data.


The service is branded to your specifications and configurable to meet your business requirements. We aim to be your partner in your overall season ticket sales and renewal strategy.

San Francisco Giants

"SplitSeasonTickets has provided a much needed service for us. Season ticket holders can find share partners when they need to which helps us maintain a high renewal rate."

Chicago Bulls

"Split Season Tickets has been a great partner for the Chicago Bulls. Many of our Season Ticket Holders have found partners through Split Season Tickets. We have seen significant revenue gain since our partnership began."

Minnesota Twins

"The Twins have enjoyed a strong partnership with Split Season Tickets since 2011. I would highly recommend any sports organization adding their service to their arsenal of renewal tools and their Season Ticket Holder benefit list."

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